Michele Craig-Awesome Advocate Extraordinaire!


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Michele Craig is an Awesome Advocate; not just for Nick, but for all people with physical and intellectual disabilities throughout Colorado. As the HCBS-DD and SLS Waiver and Supported Coordinator with the Division for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Michele travels across Colorado communicating with individuals receiving services, as well as their care coordinators.

Colorado Division for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

DDD Facebook Page

She is responsible for connecting all of these individuals and their ideas in order to help employment opportunities run smoothly for everyone involved.

Michele is very dedicated to all she serves, and is always searching for new opportunities for her clients so that they are reaching their full potential in employment opportunities. She is a compassionate and committed woman, making several trips to Loveland to meet with Nick regarding his services, and going above and beyond to create opportunities for him to present and become known in the local community.

Nick describes Michele as a kind, helpful, classy, and intelligent individual. She has a fabulous attitude, and is forever positive and encouraging. Aside from her position, Michele has served in the community for over 19 years, as a Special Olympics volunteer, and an advocate for all individuals who are lucky enough to be a part of her life.

We are all proud and honored to name Michele Craig as our Awesome Advocate!

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  1. Says it all…..perfect! 🙂


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