Educational Presentations and Workshops

Nick inspires fresh perspective and sparks a shift in the popular perception of the differently abled. His disability education offers a glimpse into the world of adaptive means: running his business, Awesome in Action; writing books; skiing down a mountain; or giving a talk from his speech device. Reserve your date for 2019:

Presentations and Workshops

  1. Spread the Word to End the Word – 45 minutes / any age. The R-word (retard) hurts.
  2. Walk in My Shoes – 1 hour / any age. Experience an obstacle course while sitting in a whee chair.
  3. Story Time with Nick – 30 minutes / preschool-early readers and special needs groups. Nick reads to your class about his pet lion.
  4. Why Try?  (If Nick Can Do It You Can Do It) – 30-60 minutes / middle elementary school-adults and special needs groups.
  5. Customized Presentation – Please contact us to discuss. We are very open to creating a workshop or presentation that is just right for your group.

Nick is the recipient of several awards and recognitions including; Speaker at TEDx Front Range June 13, 2015, Lululemon Young Entrepreneur of Inspiration, 2104; Kyle Frohne Award for Excellence in Employment, 2014; ARC of Larimer County Volunteer of the Year, 2014.

Mosiac StaffPresentation to Mosiac Staff in Fort Collins, CO  August 2014

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