“When I first began writing my book, it was on several small pieces of scrap paper that were stapled together. Even though it didn’t look like much, I had a greater vision of what it could become.

“Now, I have my first children’s book in my hand.

“This is a breath-taking experience, and I am so happy you all could be here to celebrate this moment with me. I am excited to finally be able to share my story. (Nick went on to thank numerous family, friends and community members.)

“When I got my first response from the publishing company, Create Space, it was news I needed to expand my story. I was frustrated and scared. How could push myself to continue working when I thought I was already done? I did find the motivation, and I am so happy with how Helping in Action, turned out. I am glad I pushed myself to try.

“Life can be intimidating, or exciting. It all depends on how you think about it. If you view a situation as being scary, then you will feel anxious. If you feel anxious, chances are you will not be up to facing a new challenge.

“I find that if I overcome initial negative thoughts, I will feel excited about a new experience. If I am fired up about something, you can bet I will do it!

“I hope that my journey can be an inspiration to you all. Do not limit yourself, you are capable of amazing and great things- nothing can stop you from pursuing your dreams. And do not place limitations on others, especially those who are differently abled. When allowed to soar it is surprising how high and far any person, despite their challenges, can reach.

“Thank you all for allowing me to soar. I hope you enjoy my story. ”

Nick Roussos

My First Book: Helping in Action

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