Helping in Action

HiA19_Nickhelps_txtWhat would you do if you found a baby lion in need of help? Would you think taking action required someone bigger, stronger, or older than you? Or, would you discover that you had the ability to rescue the cub yourself?

An action adventure for beginning readers, Helping in Action, introduces children to Nick and his family and tells of their exciting life in Africa, inspiring kids to believe that everyone can be a hero.

What People Are Saying

“As a speech-language pathologist who works with many children who are differently-abled, Helping In Action appeals to me because it brings to light that “helping” is a common factor that brings people together. No matter what challenges a person might face, “helping” is always possible. The illustrations enhance the story by giving a visual to the emotions that the characters feel. All children, no matter their abilities, can learn an important lesson from this story about helping others.”

Linda Everett, SLP

“I have known Nick since he was a young boy and have always been moved by his love of life, his courage, and his perseverance. In his new book, Helping In Action, Nick will inspire you to believe that we ALL are meant to accomplish great things. And as you get to know Nick through his books, I am confident you will come to love him as we do.”

Mary Cabela

“Nick Roussos and his helpers Jeannie and Audrey have been regular visitors to our first and second grade classroom. During Writer’s Workshop, Nick’s power chair and talking computer provide him with mobility and communication. Nick’s book Helping in Action is a delightful story, weaving the true experiences of his childhood in Ethiopia with a thread of the fantastic. You will meet Nick’s family, Sandy the lost lion cub, and the hippo that Nick once encountered. The illustrations humorously capture the characters, setting, and adventure. ‘There is only one thing to do when’ you’ve read this story – read it again!”

Cathy Olmsted, University School, Greeley

“Nick Roussos new book Helping in Action is just the kind of book our kids need in a world that tells them that being self-centered is normal. It will inspire them to look beyond themselves and see that it is in helping others that they find their true selves. It will inspire them to be more like Nick–who is himself an inspiration to everyone who knows him.”

David Cabela

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