Roussos, a motivational speaker who, like Nick, grew up in East Africa and has cerebral palsy, presents the hero’s can-do attitude lucidly and in a way that kids should admire.The author’s message of assisting others comes through clearly, and his portrait of a skillful wheelchair-bound protagonist resonates powerfully. A clever story set in Africa with a likable hero and a strong message about helping others.

Kirkus Indy Review

“By sharing his experiences and interacting with students, Nick abolishes stereotypes and myths about people living with disabilities. Students learn how he overcomes adversity and the importance of living life to the fullest, regardless of one’s circumstances.”

Holly Sample, Principal of University Schools of Greeley

“Nick is such a rock star! He so impressed my students. Several said that his abilities will forever leave an impact on how they perceive individuals who face challenges. Nick’s circle of influence could be far reaching from just one visit.”

Mary Ann Kelleher, R.N; B.S.N. Clinical Educator

“Nick is an inspiration. I believe that he is truly making an impact on young students and the community through his efforts to teach others. He reminds us all to be more thoughtful in the words we choose and he teaches students to understand and accept others’ differences.“

Ashley Comerford 3rd grade teacher, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

Nick Roussos inspires us all to look beyond our limitations and fears to dream in a new light! He is a very powerful encourager.”

Kaye Mason, special friends and children’s ministry coordinator, Crossroads Church

I have known Nick since he was a young boy and have always been moved by his love of life, his courage, and his perseverance. In his new book, Helping In Action, Nick will inspire you to believe that we ALL are meant to accomplish great things. And as you get to know Nick through his books, I am confident you will come to love him as we do.

Mary Cabela

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