Sit-skiing with Ignite Adaptive Sports

Nick loves skiing in the winter.

Nick loves skiing in the winter.

Yea! Adaptive Skiing is back at Eldora…

This Sunday I will go to my second adaptive ski adventure for the 2013-2014 season with the help of Ignite Adaptive Sports at Eldora Resort.  I use a sit ski and think all my friends with CP or other mobility disabilities would enjoy sit- snow skiing, too.  Just click on this link to learn more: LINK

The things I like about snow skiing are:

  • Skiing around trees
  • Going over jumps
  • My guide Barry, who is a funny guy
  • Going FAST!
  • Warming up after I am done

When I am skiing I feel:

  • Happy!
  • Like I am flying

The things I don’t like about snow skiing are:

  • Leaving when it is time to go home
  • Other than that, nothing, there is nothing I don’t like about snow skiing!

Maybe I will write a book about skiing.  Guess who the main character will be!

Later… Nick Roussos


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  1. Looks fun! I worked at Eldora 20 years ago. I remember some adaptive skiers having fun. Be safe out there!


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