Maysoon Zayid y_largeI Have 99 Problems…. Cerebral Palsy is Just One

(Click on title above to view video)  Maysoon Zayid is a disability advocate, happens to be Arab and have Cerebral Palsy.  She is from New Jersey (she said this is one of her problems, ha ha), is a stand up comedian, actress and author.  I found the video funny and inspiring.  I relate to her as an author, advocate and a person who does not let her disability limit her.  Like her, I would like to help create a positive image for persons with disabilities in the media and in life.  It is so awesome that they publish the transcript of her talk.  Watch for my book to be available this Spring, “Helping in Action” is a children’s story with a “can, can” message.  Thanks to my friend Amy D. who sent me this Ted Talk.

Nick and Sue

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