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Awesome Advocates: Cindy and Jaime Peak

This month Nick would like to recognize a couple of awesome individuals who advocate for those in the I/DD community.

Cindy and Jaime love their dachshunds!

Cindy Peak

Cindy Peak, MA.,CCC-SLP, has worked with Nick for many years at the Speech and Language Stimulation Center in Fort Collins as one of his speech and language pathologists. She has always helped Nick advocate for himself and learn new communication skills.

What you might not know about Cindy is that she loves the arts! Nick and Cindy share this passion for the arts and theater, and Cindy even performed at Nick’s 40th birthday celebration.

Cindy is the producer of the Awesome in Action documentary.

Cindy is a multi-faceted, talented, and caring person who truly embodies the spirit of Awesome in Action, working to spark a shift in her community.

Cindy and Nick creating beautiful art together!

Jaime Peak

Jaime Peak is Cindy’s daughter, and she shares talent and passion with her mom!

Jaime is a talented director who has worked with Nick to produce the Awesome in Action documentary about Nick’s life and work with Awesome in Action, that was featured at several film festivals.

She also studied in China for over a year and has a minor in both written and spoken Mandarin Chinese. How cool is that?

Nick says Jaime is an awesome person and that she makes him laugh!

Nick loves Jaime’s smile!

Above all else, Nick considers Cindy and Jaime to be great friends, and he always looks forward to hearing about their adventures and sharing his own!

Happy Holidays from Awesome in Action!

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and remembering how important connections with each other are. Nick’s favorite holiday is Christmas, because he loves giving gifts to those he loves and spending time with the people he cares most about.

Because Nick is vaccinated, he felt comfortable shopping for gifts in person this year. He was so excited to go to various stores and pick out fun or meaningful presents for his friends and family. He also found some very interesting items while shopping, like this Niffler at Barnes and Noble or this shark hand puppet at Kohl’s!

Nick and the Niffler at Barnes and Noble!
Shopping at Kohl’s is always an adventure!

One of Nick’s favorite activities during the holidays is making treats for his friends and family and decorating Gingerbread men or houses (or trains)!

Uh oh, Mistletoe!
You have to make treats for the holidays!

Nick loves spending time making and decorating cookies every year with Audrey and her family! This is one of his favorite things to do all year!

Audrey, Debbie, Thalia and Olivia are great cookie decorators!

And of course, you can’t forget how much fun it is to decorate the house for the holidays!

Hanging the stocking!

However you celebrate the holidays, Nick hopes you spend the season reflecting on the most important things in your life. From Nick and everyone on the Awesome in Action team, we wish you all the best and hope we start 2022 with an AWESOME attitude and lots of opportunities for connection and cheer.