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An Awesome Time Pumping up the Black Belt Candidates of Ripple Effect!



It may have a been a bit scary to see 50+ black belt candidates performing a powerful set
of karate skills as they slowly advanced upon us, but the experience was well worth it.












The Awesome in Action team was privileged to meet with these dedicated students and to present to them the “Why Try” speech, a motivational talk that helped encourage the participants to get through their challenging weekend full of testing to earn their black belts!


The warm-up exercises alone looked exhausting!!

master macey

Master Macy ensures the students are stretching properly prior to testing


kickMaster Macy had the students balance mid-kick for a 50 count!  “1 sir, 2 sir, 3 sir…”



Nick Karate move

Nick got to practice along with the students! He is hoping to earn his white belt soon with Ripple Effect.



In addition to Nick’s speech, the students did some of their form testing (Scroll down to videos to see some of their impressive techniques), and participated in a combat workshop. Their entire weeken was full of extraneous testing and physical activity. These are some resilient folks!


Cameron and Reece

Cameron and Reece were visiting from Mile High Karate to participate in a combat workshop








All geared up and practing…steer clear of these two tough kids!







John and Alletta Harres with their son, Jack


Many families train and attend Karate Classes together. The Harres family also came from Mile High Karate, an affiliate of Ripple Effect, in order to participate in the workshops and observe the testing process.


It was Awesome to meet many new friends.  Some of them are pictured below:


Olivia Baker

Olivia Baker, age 7

Marcus Edwards

Marcus Edwards








Tristan Matthew

Tristan Matthew and Nick

Blake Carsrud

Blake Carsrud



Thank you, Greg Macy and Mark Brady, for including us in this Awesome Event! We are excited to be part of the Ripple Effect family!



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