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Awesome in Action Supporters – Dan and Teri Wolff

Nick wanted to take some time for a very special blog post about some very special people in his life, his long time friends, Dan and Teri Wolff. Dan and Teri have always been great supporters of Awesome in Action and Nick’s mission. Dan recently passed away leaving behind his wife Teri, daughters Whitney, Sarah, and Rachael, his grandchildren, and a large and loving group of family and friends who will remember his strong faith, his passion for building with his own hands, and his love of the outdoors.

When Nick talks about Dan, he gets a big smile on his face and his eyes light up and and it couldn’t be more clear that they shared a deep and resonating love for each other. Dan called Nick his “Little Brother” and it’s clear to anyone who spent time around them that their bond was very special.

Nick wants to share some of his favorite memories of his time with Dan.

Dan and Teri had an adorable dog named Cuddles that Nick loved to snuggle and hold and he laughs so hard when he talks about Cuddles sitting on his lap!

Nick spent many holidays and special occasions with Dan and Teri and still talks about his Thanksgiving Days with them and how meaningful they were to him. Dan was never anything but kind and loving to Nick and Nick wants everyone to know how important Dan and Teri are to him.

Nick was able to attend Dan’s funeral services on Saturday February 18th in Sidney, Nebraska with his Mom, Susan. Nick was so sad to say “goodbye for now” to his Big Brother but so happy to be surrounded by the people who love and cherish Dan and Teri and their family.

That Saturday evening Nick was able to spend some time with Teri, giving her lots of big hugs full of love. Nick thinks Teri is an incredible woman doing truly awesome work to improve the lives of others, and he knows she will always have a special and important place in his life.

Nick touched Dan’s work belt, and laid his hand on Dan’s casket as he was laid to rest, and Nick was grateful for the time to spend together with people he loves. Nick will never forget Dan and the impact he had on Nick’s life. Nick hopes you will take some time today to honor Dan, and think of his family as they go forward in this new phase of their lives. Nick knows he will see Dan again one day, and that Dan is watching over his Little Brother.

We love you Dan, Teri, and all of their family and friends.

#GivingTuesday Help these Elves give Ability Awareness!

Today is #GivingTuesday




Do you have extra change JINGLING  in your pocket?


DSC_1380 - Copy








check out those bells!

Feel like using it to give a GIFT that keeps on giving?





It would be considered an EAR-ly Christmas present!


DSC_1385 - Copy


Donations would make us TWINKLE from our little tiny elf heads to our toes!



DSC_1377 - Copy


Any small amount can help us reach our goal of $500 this Tuesday.  (hey… who you calling small?!)




So far, these lovely photos, from JLV Photography in Fort Collins, are our first GIFT!



Thank you to James and Mellisa for GIVING to Awesome in Action this season. …It was ELF-LY SWEET of you! (Oh yeah, we did use that horrible elf pun)


DSC_1342 - Copy

The money will help spread the JOY of feeling accepted and included to ALL types of people (and elves) this year!

DSC_1347 - Copy


Celebrate your Ability to be “Santa’s Little Helper” too!

Here at Awesome in Action, WE appreciate all you do!!

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