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Awesomely Explosive for Independence Day!

We all had a blast (pun intended!) at the 4th of July Parade in Fort Collins today.


IMGP5628 - Copy


4th of July 1

Awesome in Action revealed itself as an official 501(c) 3 organization today with our brand new t-shirts sporting the nonprofit Awesome in Action logo.


4th of July 2

IMGP5618 - Copy











We even had an official mascot this year! Thank you, Jarvis, the amazing 3 legged dog, for displaying what being Awesome in Action is all about!


4th of July 7

Thank you also to special friends, Liz and Leonard Urban for joining us this year!

IMGP5613 - Copy



IMGP5626 - Copy



On a whim, Martin joined us to add to his Marathon training workout (He’d already done the Firecracker 5K twice!)



Of course, no party is complete without this joker and her crew! We had so much fun with Kelleen, Charlie, and their kids Riley, Kira, and Aidan.

IMGP5619 - Copy













And, as always, we loved to have our dear friend, Tammy Castell, joining us to march this year!


IMGP5615 - Copy

The old crew, Alex, Thalia, and Olivia joined the parade, and they were a great help getting ready!

IMGP5621 - Copy


IMGP5699and they were even nice to each other (mostly!)

4th of July 44th of July 5


 Nothing says the 4th of July like a duel with cardboard tubes!










Here’s a few shots of us marching from behind! Susan took the wheel to drive the Silver Bullet down the parade route!






Vanessa is a hot kid after the long parade! Even so, she chose to share her Popsicle with Jarvis. Guess her mom, Amy, is teaching this (almost) youngest AiA team member some great values!



Thank you, Roussos Family, for coming to support us during the parade!


IMGP5611 - Copy


From our family to yours, Awesome in Action wishes you a happy and safe Independence Day!

The ADA Symposium – A National Experience

Back in June, Nick and the AiA team were fortunate enough to be welcomed as an

exhibitor at the National ADA Symposium, held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Denver.  How lucky that it was held in Denver this year!  Next year, Chicago will host the Symposium.

We saw advanced technologies, feats of engineering, and met educators, business people, designers, counselors, government folks, and most of them had some disability.  Yet here they were, changing their own situations and the lives of others.

img_0812It took Nick a minute to realize this was not a real dog!img_0809



img_0795Nick discovered one very cool Water Wheels
“beach wheelchair.”  He is fairly sure it will come in handy during triathlons and other water fun!


Connecting with new friends and reconnecting with old, we had a most amazing conference!!

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