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Spread the Word to End the Word with the Scouts

Heiman Elementary in Evans, Colorado

The Scouts started the presentation by performing the Scout’s oath.

On May 1st at Heiman Elementary in Evans, Colorado Nick joined a Scout Troop to share his Spread the Word to End the Word presentation!

Spread the Word to End the Word is a national campaign to encourage people to pledge to stop using the word “retard.” Nick believes in inclusivity and respect for people of all abilities and this presentation is one he loves to give, especially to young people, to show them the impact their words can have.

Nick even participated in the Scout’s pledge, salute and all (with just a little assistance from Job Coach Liz Laney.)

Nick and job coach Liz participate in the Scout’s oath.

The Scouts were a respectful and fun group, and Nick loved showing them a new way to communicate. The Scouts enjoyed learning to use Nick’s Speech device, and they loved checking out his first book, Helping in Action.

Shaun, Troy, and Lauren check out Nick’s speech device.
Shane and Nick check out his book, Helping in Action.

Nick would like to personally thank Rochelle Chapparo for inviting us to the Scout’s meeting, and helping make the event so memorable and fun! Nick would also like to thank the other parents and all of the Scouts and their siblings who attended for their enthusiasm and engagement in Nick’s presentation.

Troy, Lauren, and Layland are so focused! Even parent Rochelle is watching closely.

Nick saw some old friends and made some new ones, and is happy to report that the Scouts signed the pledge to end the use of the r-word!

For more information on the Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign, check out their website.

To schedule Nick for a visit to your classroom or event, please contact us via email or on his Facebook.

Awesome Christmas Bazaar: Immanuel Lutheran Church

Awesome in Action arrived once again to the Immanuel Lutheran Church’s annual Christmas Bazaar this past Saturday, as the weather brought in the season with snow! Vendors propped up their goodies and crafts while Christmas music hummed in the background, a festive day for all who attended. Santa and his reindeer even showed up to greet the lovely citizens of Loveland, Colorado.

Bazaar 003

Among the crafty booths, we met a talented and bright young boy named Jace who created wonderful creations from wood. We loved Jace! We exchanged gifts — a cross for an Awesome in Action book called ‘Helping in Action.’ We definitely enjoyed getting to know you and wish you the best as you raise money for Rwanda.

Bazaar 005

Then we met a special boy named Thatcher, who practiced his reading skills by reading Nick’s book out loud to us. We are so proud and excited to know Thatcher as he begins to become an excellent reader and human.

We thoroughly enjoyed attending the Christmas Bazaar this year, and look forward to coming back next year!