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2017 For Auld Lange Syne (loosely translated to “Awesome Days Past!”)

Please join us as we review the year in song, to the tune of Auld Lang Syne!….Get ready, it’s a long one!! 

First, the Chorus:

Should Awesome people be forgot

And all the awesome times?

Should Awesome in Action be forgot

An Auld lang syne?



And now, the song:


We got a new illu-stra-tor

His name be Darby boy




Senora Urban’s Helping out

Translating to Spanish joy

Surely the Nemesis video will rock

And surely the Peaks  do, Right?




Let’s not forget fun times at Monroe

With Author visits and Literacy Night!





We made new friends; great advocates

The Flet-cher Fam-i-ly  IMGP4418


Have brought us in to Community Pre-K

And High Plains school with glee





We twer lu-ck-y to watch th-e burn

Ripple Effect’s black belt tests

And made a great new film with Alayna,

& Ninja Nate; our filming bests




In Estes Park we met a gal

Who was paying Forward love,

We had a blast in a parade

With our Friends who didn’t shove

And here’s a hand to C.A.S.T for Kids CAST 2014

And help from What if? -IdeationRobin ear muffs 3

We went all the way to Boulder Rainbow Childcare

To spread our ins-pira-tion.



Foco Comic Con, a great success-

Anyone can be a hero, we say

We made costumes, and made some friends

A grand and funny day!


The librarians in Love-land

At the Author Showcase gave us Love

And at Crossroads Church, with Dream Catcher 

We saw Loveland from above.

The year came to an Awesome End

With a visit to Prairie School

A friend from Ability-Fest came through

And the students were so cool!



The Cub Scout Troop Nin-ty-one

Met and drew some pictures, too




And now we’re fundraising for an adaptive zipline

With a girl scout troop so true.

A non-profit, AiA now beAwesome in Action

And we vow to see it through

We’d love to have your continued support

Please let us come to you!


Who knew this song could be so long?

Who knew the many verse?

 At least we got a chance to say

All we’ve done, for better or worse


Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!!







Project One Provides More Than Just Home Repair

Saturday, May 6th, was an eventful day at the office of Awesome in Action! Not only was Project One, a community service offering free home repair through Crossroads Church, fixing up screens and steps, but also, a whole team of kids was helping to review and reflect on Nick’s newest book!

Awesome in Action could not have asked for a more thorough and friendly group of children, aged 9 mos to 14 yrs.




Jolee, 14 yrs, holds youngest critic, Kellan, 9 mos as they read through Nick’s 2nd book!















The kids all read through the book, answered questions about the story line, and voted on a title choice for the new adventure.


IMGP4456 - Copy (2)

Ellory, 11, came up with a fabulous impression of an ostrich that all the kids had to try!

IMGP4459 - Copy (2)

Parker, 7 yrs, laughed at a funny Ostrich story that Nick’s mom told!




IMGP4448 - Copy (2)

Kira, 12, balanced her contributions to the house with a book review!






IMGP4462 - Copy (2)








IMGP4455 - Copy (2)

Lexi, 8, sat with Nick and read Helping in Action!


























IMGP4470 - Copy (2)

Jase, 9, was happy to be helping with Project One, and Nick’s new book!

















After reading, the kids sat with Nick’s mom, Susan, and heard stories about real African animals!

IMGP4454 - Copy (2)



IMGP4469 - Copy (2)

Oh no, Parker, Ostrich Fail!

IMGP4464 - Copy (2)

Ostrich impersonators




Cutting new steps








While the kids were busy impersonated ostriches, the adults worked hard to finish their projects!








Nick is happy to have a fixed up place, and more importantly,

IMGP4478 - Copy (2)

Enter a caption

To have met some great new friends!! Nick Ellory, Parker

Thank you, Project One, volunteers, for the generous donation of your time and labor! Awesome in Action celebrates you for your dedication and community service!

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