Scarey Snake

Dolan is my friend. We are both in power wheelchairs. Mom took us hiking one day. On the way down the mountain, I saw a rattlesnake. I was scared!
It was very near Dolan’s foot and wheels on his chair. Mom moved Dolan’s joystick very slowly so that his wheelchair was away from the snake. I thought it was going to bite his leg! Dolan moved in time, and the snake went into a hole. We were so relieved!
It is hard to depend on someone else to help you move; especially in an emergency! I’m so glad no one got hurt!


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  1. Wow! I bet you were scared! I am so glad your mom was there to help you move! Keep up the good writing… I’m sure you are already thinking about and “planning” in your mind the next book idea 🙂

    Your Sister-in-Love


  2. That would be scary! We had a rattlesnake living in our yard one summer, and had to be very careful going outside. This story brings up a thought-provoking point about what it would be like to not be able to move away from danger without help: That is what makes you extra-brave. I’m glad no one got hurt too!


  3. isabella marcus-porter

    that’s so cool and scary that you saw a rattle snake. I’d like to see one!:)


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