Renee Lee, CTRS: Awesome Advocate and Longtime Friend

DSC00730Renee Lee and Nick at the A.R.O office

For over 15 years, this charismatic individual has been a part of Nick’s recreational endeavors. Renee Lee is the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist at Adaptive Recreation Opportunities in Fort Collins, a multi-faceted role that she fulfills with ease. Whether it be snow skiing, canoeing, or white water rafting, Renee works behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly and all who are participating have a great time. She has been a bus driver and staff trainer, as well as a friend and advocate for many people who participate in A.R.O. When all is well, Renee never hesitates to jump in and take part in an adventure. Over the years, she has shared many wild times with Nick; camping, white water rafting, and canoeing.

Nick describes Renee as exciting, happy, and brave. She has a big heart, and a sharp mind.

Renee has included Nick in a very special A.R.O event in February; inviting him to speak at the 20th Anniversary celebration at the Senior Center. Nick is honored to be chosen to be included in such a special event. Thank you for all you do, Renee. We are happy to recognize you as an Awesome Advocate and friend.for webpage (1)                                            Nick canoeing with A.R.O volunteer, Judy Tessier

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