33 Third Graders “Walk In My Shoes” at Stansberry Elementary School

IMGP0176Jan. 15, 2015   A Big Thank You to Mrs. Bush and her 3rd grade class at
Stansberry Elementary School in Loveland, Colorado 

Nick Roussos presented “Walk in My Shoes”,  his disability awareness workshop, to 33 eager and active 3rd graders.  Nick, and assistants Audrey and Sue, had a great time interacting with the students as they learned how to use a wheelchair and try out a communication device. We also had a discussion about Disability Etiquette which is: Good manners in our actions and speech with people who have a disability. This was a large class, but they were very respectful and attentive. Thank you for being such great participants!

Nick told them,  “I hope that I can open your eyes today, and give you a perspective on what a person who is differently abled can achieve. Remember, people with special needs are just the same as you.   Everyone has something that makes them feel different than others; shyness, clumsy or uncoordinated, too tall, too short, too thin, too heavy, language differences, color of skin, etc.  We shouldn’t treat anyone different than we would like to be treated.

The words and actions you chose can really affect the people who hear them. We all live in one community, one world, and we can make it better for everyone if we show each other the same amount of respect that we expect for ourselves and our loved ones.

I challenge you to leave here with a new perspective that is two fold; first, do not limit yourself. You are capable of amazing and great things- nothing can stop you from pursuing your dreams. And second, do not place limitations on others especially those who are differently abled. When allowed to soar, you will be surprised how far a person, even one faced with great challenges such as myself, can go.

Remember Life is Awesome!”

Nick Roussos is the author of Helping in Action, a children’s adventure based on his childhood as a boy with cerebral palsy, growing up in Africa.  He conducts workshops, in Northern Colorado, for any age group on the topics of disability awareness, anti-bullying, and self-esteem. Please email with interest in a presentation at your school or service organization!:  nick@totalspeed.com

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  1. Such a good lesson to teach children. Everyone is different than the other person. Good work, Nick!


  2. I appreciate your support, Deb! How are you?


  3. Hi Nick,
    I’m just fine. I can’t wait for spring though. We got about five to six inches of snow dumped on us during the recent snow storm. We were lucky compared to Boston!

    My caregiver & I were just talking about you today. She read my copy of your book & really admires you for what you’re doing. She was telling her husband about you & your book but couldn’t remember “Awesome In Action!”

    Did you want me to review the new version of your book?


  4. Hi Deb- The weather here has been beautiful! We can’t believe how backwards it is. That’s a lot of snow!

    We would love you to review the new version of the book, but have not submitted it yet. It’s very similar to the old one, just with a different page order (like you originally suggested) and some tighter writing. Can we send the scrip to you next week when it is complete?

    Please tell your caregiver thank you! We’re happy to hear you’re doing well!
    Take care and stay warm
    Audrey and Nick


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