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Update on Nick’s Second Book!

Nick posing with his illustrated self!

Nick recently met with Kaitlyn Birdsall-Thomas, the illustrator of his second book, Nick’s Eggsciting Adventure: An Awesome Story about Exploring in Action.

Nick was so excited to see the illustrations that Kaitlyn has been working on! The illustrations are incredible, and Nick really feels that his vision is being realized for his second book.

More than half of the illustrations for Nick’s Eggsciting Adventure are finished, or nearly finished, and this represents a big step for Nick and the Awesome in Action team. Nick’s second book has been a work in progress for 3 years and seeing the illustrations that have been completed really revitalized Nick and the team.

Nick, Kaitlyn, and Audrey hard at work!

The next step will be looking into publishing options and preparing the book for publication.

Nick and his team are hoping to publish the book in 2022.

Publication and printing costs can be expensive, so consider donating to Awesome in Action by clicking the PayPal link on the sidebar. Awesome in Action is a non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible! Nick is planning on organizing a fundraiser in a few months to support the publication of his new book.

Nick has worked so hard to make this new book something special. Nick draws his ideas for his books from his childhood growing up in Africa. Nick’s Eggsciting Adventure is a fun filled story that continues Nick’s message that everyone can be a hero!

Look for more information soon here on Nick’s website and on social media.

We can’t wait to explore with you!

Checking out the digital versions of the illustrations!

Awesome Advocate at Wolverine Farm Publishing Co. & Bookstore!

We had a great time with Evan Brengle, manager at Wolverine Farms Bookstore Monday afternoon.

Evan, who has been working to help establish Wolverine Farm Publishing and Bookstore for over 5 years, was a happy, easy going gentleman. As the bookstore manager, Evan embodies everything scholarly; including his favorite pastime, which, of course, was reading!

As we were talking, Evan mentioned he saw Nick’s Spread the Word presentation several years ago at Rocky Mountain High School while working as  a Paraprofessional. This is job requires a man who is very kind with a very large heart. We witnessed this amazing amount of patience and understanding, as Evan interacted with the youngest, most wild and unfiltered “employee” of Awesome in Action, Ms. Olivia Rose.




Evan was very patient with our lovely assistant, Olivia, and her sneaky attempts at joining the photo op!



Evan invited us to meet at  Wolverine Farms Letter Press and Publick House to discuss the  carrying Nick’s children’s books, and gave Nick the opportunity to read Helping in Action during Little Wolverine Story Hour at the Wolverine Farms Bookstore.  Date TBA!









Evan was quick to offer many opportunities to connect with Awesome in Action, and to share all the great events hosted by the Publick house.  For instance, coming up this Friday, Sept. 30th from 8-10 pm,  will be a Talent Show.



We were delighted at the opportunity to connect with this nonprofit company which focuses on literacy and arts in Northern Colorado. It is always awesome when 2 like-minded businesses can pair up to become a stronger source of education and awareness for our community.



We think Evan is a stellar Human Being, and are so excited to see where this connection is Able to lead!