Awesome singer, seamstress, job coach, friend, and Advocate!

On my last day with Jeannie Perkins as my job coach, she took me shopping for my first time at the Damn Store up Thompson River Canyon. We had so much fun shopping, and then we found “the zebra coat.” We tried it on, and joked about it being great. Those memories are what I hold dear when I think of my awesome friend and advocate, Jeannie. Funny and creative, Jeannie tirelessly worked to get my business, Awesome in Action, off the ground. Without Jeannie, we would not have had a successful business launch, as it was her energy and devotion that helped me to find my niche as an author and speaker.


Jeannie Perkins, Awesome Advocate

Jeannie Perkins left Loveland, Co in November 2013, but she really never left my side. She continues to advocate for Awesome in Action from California and Texas. She calls me monthly with new leads, and never fails to mention my book to anyone who seems interested.

Jeannie and I chatted over Skype a month after my birthday when she was visiting her grandkids, Grace and Zachary. They sang me a silly song that Jeannie had made up that included dance moves. She always has, and will continue to make me smile.

Jeannie is a talented seamstress, and is launching her own business making beautiful coats for children. Check her out on her photos on her Facebook page:

Thank you Jeannie, my friend, for always staying by my side! I owe so much of my success to this Awesome Advocate!

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