Candi Elliott

Candi Elliott is an awesome advocate indeed!

Candi Elliot 5-16

Long ago and far away in the exotic land of Ethiopia, Candi met the Roussos family against the backdrop of the African continent.  They became instant friends and Candi has been like family since.

Candi has offered her skills and abilities to assist Nick in pursuit of his mission.  She has set up the AiA office team with Quickbooks skills so they can enter the digital self-management era.  Candi continues to graciously offer her bookkeeping skills to AiA and Nick’s Hope since their inception.

Candi, you are an awesome woman, and we are so very honored to have you on the team and named the next Awesome Advocate!

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  1. Candi Elliott

    Thanks for the kind words Nick. I am so glad to have been able to make a small contribution to the great work that you are doing.


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