Yes, it is in fact time for the ADA Symposium!

ADASymposiumLOGOThis coming Monday morning, June 20th, as the sun begins to rise over the eastern plains, Nick and the AiA staff will be loading the van for a trip into Denver to participate in this year’s National ADA Symposium.  Nick and the team are quite excited to be included in this year’s event, and are mighty appreciative that the symposium is being held in Denver!

The ADA Symposium  (yes, click on those blue words for more information!) is the premier national conference on the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“The National ADA Symposium is a project of the ADA National Network which is comprised of ten regional centers that provide information, training, and materials on the Americans with Disabilities Act. The conference, held annually for the past 20 years, has earned the reputation as the most comprehensive training event available on the ADA and disability related laws. The 2016 National ADA Symposium will be co-hosted by the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain ADA Centers.”

Each and every person who is now able to enter the work force, able to enter a post office or restaurant, able to live in a home of their choice rather than an institution, has much to be thankful for from the passing of the law and from this advocacy group.

We are looking forward to socializing and networking, learning from the experts, getting information to meet the needs of people around us, and most of all meeting all kinds of new people!

If you click on the ADA Symposium link (above or here again!), and scroll down the page, you will see a list of their sponsors and exhibitors. Take note of the various companies pursuing technology solutions to meet the ability needs of our diverse population.

Awesome in Action is honored to be exhibiting at this year’s symposium, and in awe of the work this group accomplishes nationally.  The ADA Symposium is indeed a prime example of awesome in action!

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