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In order to make change, we must first ensure that others are aware of differently abled people.

Character JJ DiMeo of the Show Speechless with siblings

What better way to do this than through media?; movies, shows, music, and books all help people connect with a character in a story, and empathize on a human level.

inclusive minds


A company in the United Kingdom, Inclusive Minds, is empowering young children with special needs to use their voices in order to create change through literature.






Young Embassadors for Inclusion is a group of kids who are being trained to speak out about their disability. They are becoming a knowledge base for authors, illustrators, and publishers to reference when writing about differently-abled characters.


Please consider making a donation to this amazing organization! We here at Awesome in Action love to see others that are on the same page as us!!



Helping in Action, by Nick Roussos. Page 13

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