Kid Days at the Promenade Shops

Nick and Audrey are pretty proud of themselves!

August 6, 2019 – Kid Days

On August 6th at the Promenade Shops at Centerra in Loveland, CO, Nick participated in Kid Days! This event offered hands-on learning experiences for kids of all ages.

Nick offered his booth of disability simulations including a wheelchair obstacle course, vision impairment simulations, and simulations of different physical limitations.

Nick set up his table to be as accessible as possible

Nick’s booth offered a unique opportunity during the event for families to teach their children what it means to move or think differently.

Toren did a great job navigating the course while experiencing different depth perception!

Nick enjoyed checking out the other booths and seeing how other vendors engaged kids in their activities. Nick definitely made some friends, not all of them human!

Nick thinks the tortoise is very interesting! Or maybe it’s the snake!

The event was a success and gave Nick the opportunity to continue to perfect his interactive booth to give the most engaging experience possible! Nick makes connections everywhere he goes, and loves getting to meet so many new people and find those who are interested in helping spread his message of inclusivity and diversity.

Nick wants to say THANK YOU to all the attendees of Kid Days!

If you are interested in having Nick in your classroom or at your event to present or offer his interactive booth, please contact him via email at

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  1. Catherine Olmsted

    Nick and Audrey – you ROCK! What a great day you must’ve had at Kid Days! Having you visit my classroom regularly was a highlight for my students and me! There are so many things an innovative teacher could do to have students of all ages interact with Nick. I think of you always! Your friend, Cathy Olmsted


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