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Sue Schnitzer-Volunteer and Awesome Community Advocate

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We met Sue through a phone call to the Glenwood Springs branch of the Garfield County Libraries. Within minutes of talking to us on the phone, Sue had looked up Nick’s book, and agreed to meet with us after the half marathon Mountain to Valley Race with Athletes in Tandem.

An avid biker and runner, Sue was actually going to be at the race herself…pushing a runner for Athletes in Tandem!

Sue hunted Nick down after the race, and after checking out Nick’s book, Helping in Action, she took some photos with us.  Sue has volunteered to help promote Nick’s book throughout the Garfield Branch libraries! In addition to helping out Awesome in Action, she  gave us some great ideas of things to do while visiting Glenwood Springs. With her suggestion, we took the tram up to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park to watch a free outdoor concert!

We really enjoyed our time with Sue, and hope to see her perform at the Superheros Songfest at the Main Ft. Collins library on June 22, 2015!

Sue Schnitzer is a true Awesome Advocate, and we are so excited to have gotten a chance to meet her!

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