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“Selam” from the T.R. Paul Academy of Arts and Knowledge Kindergarten Class!

Selam means “hello” in the Amharic language, one commonly spoken in Ethiopia where Nick grew up.


Nick tells the kids where to sit

He got to share this information, and more, at T.R. Paul Academy of Arts and Knowledge , yesterday afternoon.


The Kids listened and joined in to the story, as Nick read his book, Helping in Action.



Reading the book




Hanging out with the kinders!


They enjoyed all of the artifacts Nick brought from Africa to share, and had a chance to ask Nick some questions about his life and his childhood in Ethiopia.


Touching the African artifacts!

We are always grateful to the kindergarten teachers, Ms. Jenes, and Ms. Amott, for inviting us into their classroom.



Hope to see you again, TPAAK!

Mrs. Legault’s class @ TPAAK!

Mrs. Legault's class @ TPAAK!

Thank you for such a great time in your class! You guys asked great questions, and are all amazingly talented! Looking forward to seeing you again!