On another safari occasion, one night we decided to go for a drive to look for wildlife, using a spotlight.  We don’t have a roof, or a windshield, or any doors on the jeep, so you do feel close to nature.  It is a really good experience.

We saw all kinds of birds and wildlife, big and small.  The most exciting of all, was coming upon a huge, black buffalo! He was there all by himself, nibbling on the grass, and looking very royal.  Standing there, alone in the dark and so close to me, I thought he looked about the size of a freight train! So, what now ?

That big, bad boy was so just handsome we decide to keep the spotlight on him and stay to admire him for awhile.  Dad turned off the engine of the car, and told us to be very quiet, not to make a sound of any kind.   Meanwhile, we are all gazing at the beautiful beast just near us and waiting to see what would happen next.

For about five minutes, we watch the powerful animal put his head down to munch the grass, then gently lift those huge horns to look right at us. It sent shivers right through me!  So, remember, it is pitch dark, and we are sitting in a stopped car in the middle of the African bush, with a spotlight shinning on an animal that is considered to be one of Africa’s most dangerous.  The only sound was the buffalo crunching on the grass. That is, until something started to change.

Suddenly the buffalo stopped chewing.  Now, he seemed to have a different kind of look in his eyes!  He lifted one foot up in the air, and then stomped it back down on the ground.  He lowered his head, and then made another stomp!  It was at this moment, Dad whispered, “Okay, we need to get out of here.” Start the car! Let’s go! Let’s GO!

Mom was standing by the rollbar of the jeep and I was sitting below her on the passenger seat.  Everyone had been fixated on the buffalo until this moment.  When Mom looked down, my chin was on my chest.  I guess it looked like I had nearly fainted with fright!  The experience had been pretty intense, and now, we had to move away quickly.  Mom was aftaid I had stopped breathing, but when I think back on it, I was just kind of holding my breath in order to keep really quiet.

Well, fortunately, the engine of the jeep started right up and we drove away.  Our big, bad boy was left alone in the peace and quiet of the night, just where we had found him.  All seemed well, but, hang on there Mister Buffalo.  Take care!  There could be someone else lurking around that you will not want to meet tonight.  In the distance, we could plainly hear the deep roar of a majestic African lion.

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  1. Dear Nick:

    Thanks very much for sharing the buffalo story from an African night. It was wonderful to read that and as someone who have worked with your wonderful parents, I can relate to the story. Thanks again and hope to meet you someday in person. Blessings. Dawit.


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