Pomp and Circumstance

I  met J & C at horseback riding a long time ago.  They are  twins, one born with Cerebral Palsy and one not. When they were preteens, J used to grab my wheelchair joystick and move it around when I was next to him. It scared me! J’s mom had to tell him to stop! I think he was curious and a little jealous of my electric chair; I was  a little jealous that he had the muscles and control to stand up and get out of his wheelchair and into his car! I was also happy for J that he could stand on his own! C has big muscles, too! He is very strong and can lift up J; just like my brother can lift me up.

Sunday I watched J & C graduate from high school. I felt proud watching them because they are so much younger than me. I’ve seen them grow up, get girlfriends, and now graduate. It’s a big deal to be done with high school.  I hope I can keep watching and helping them as they continue to learn about the world.

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