Stubborn Streak

Last Friday I  picked up my brother from the airport. Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia is where he lives most of the time. When he first gets to the United States,  he wants a hamburger. He eats one immediately upon landing every visit.  He feels sick after  he eats the hamburger, but that never stops him! He’s stubborn like me.  Mom says it'”the Greek” in us; and I agree!

My stubborn streak has got me into all sorts of trouble, but like my brother, I never change. One time, my family went to a movie theater. I didn’t want to watch the film they chose, so I turned my wheelchair to face the wall, and stayed that way through the whole movie! I feel silly now, and laugh when I think about staring at the wall for two hours, but I bet I  would do it again if I was in that situation. That’s the curse of the Greek, I guess.

At least I have the option of moving my chair if I want. Some people do not have a motorized wheelchair, and cannot change their positions without help. I am fortunate to have the independence to be the cantankerous  creation I was meant to be!

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