Wisdom from My Flaming Hot Rod Wheelchair – A “Wisdom & Wonder” TEDxFrontRange talk in 2015

My peopleIMGP5821 and I had the most amazing Saturday in Loveland at the TEDxFrontRange event.  If you did not get the opportunity to attend live, we will have a video link soon.  It was pretty awesome all the way around and I met some really amazing new friends.

For those who don’t know, TED, Technology Entertainment and Design, first was founded in 1984 amongst the Silicon Valley folks and it began the talks in 1990.  TEDx is the local community version of the “ideas worth sharing” ritual made so popular by TED TALKS.

Facebook is famous for TED Talk links.

And so, the talk began:

Hello, my name is Nick Roussos and this is my job coach, Audrey Hendricks. I am so excited to be part of the TEDxFront Range talks this year. I am a man living with [spastic] cerebral palsy, a complication which developed at birth. As a result, my vocal chords do not speak my words.

It is ironic that someone like me, who speaks differently than most people, is giving a TED Talk at this TEDxFrontRange event. It just goes to show how far technology, and more importantly humanity, has come.

Support your local TEDx Talks.  They really are ideas worth sharing and we find them in musicians, technology experts, teachers and administrators, slam poets, athletes, and yes, even guys in flaming hot-rod wheelchairs.

Thank you to all the TEDx volunteers and brain children who made it possible to speak.

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