A Community Event Worthy of Note – A.R.O.’s Giant Friends Club Event


Inspiration Park in Fort Collins

Nick and the AiA team spent a warm and sunny day at Inspiration Playground in Spring Canyon Park on Friday at the Giant Friend’s Club.  The Adaptive Recreation Opportunities folks with the City of Fort Collins (the folks responsible for some of Nick’s crazy antics on the slopes and in the water) put on this community event.


The AiA team met some awesome folks and artists!

The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program presented an amazing show with their Swainson’s Hawk and Barn Owl.  How the kids loved those birds! IMG_0655 You gotta appreciate their teaching style!

Addie Stroh, pictured in the lovely gray knit hat, has informed us that she will be famous one day.  Indeed we think her artistic ability deserves some exposure!









Addie Stroh shows off her coloring page


It is rumored that we were visited by the nephew and great-nephew of the famed Broadway star Ms. Rita Moreno!  Young master Hudson (age 3-4) joyfully colored Nick.







961 United Artists. Credit: ©

1961 United Artists / Courtesy Pyxurz.


Ms Annabelle Neely joined us a few times during the event, explaining some of her experience with Cerebral Palsy, and asking about Nick’s book and his rumored pet lion.  Yes Annabelle, Nick in fact grew up with a pet lion while in Ethiopia as a boy!



Addie and Annabelle hanging out 


Rocky Mountain Raptor Center shows off a Swainson’s hawk 


A barn owl checks me out!




What a warm and enlightening community event.  Thank you ARO because you bring together all different people in our towns to learn about the gifts we all can offer.  You are truly Awesome in Action!




Me at my booth!



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  1. Nick and Team – what an overwhelming joy it is to see you living in this way! If you let your many admirers and fans know in advance when and where you might be venturing, we could come see you in action! Thinking of you always, your friend Cathy Olmsted


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