Local Authors Shelf goes live at Loveland Public Library

KIMG0557.JPGThe AiA team is so thrilled to be living in a community where the arts and sciences are valued.  The City of Loveland puts its resources into its local artisans.  Case in point, take a stroll downtown one morning, enjoy breakfast between the one ways (Cleveland and Lincoln), have a cuppa joe or an herbal tea and a pastry, but make a point to stroll a little further east down 4th street to the Loveland Library, and ask one of the many extraordinary librarians for directions to the Local Authors Shelf.

It is upon this shelf that you will find some things, but not other things.  You will most likely not find an elf, for example.  You will, however, find books written by authors living here in Northern Colorado.  This singular shelf is the result of the Local Authors Showcase I enjoyed back in September of last year.  The Showcase offered local authors a day to set up in the library and entertain interested readers.



Small towns just have the most magical feel to them when they highlight local talent.

Enjoy phase II of the Local Authors project and thank your City of Loveland leadership and the library district for giving honor to the locals in their own town!




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