Awesome Adventures with IGNITE

I am excited that I had a great year skiing at Eldora with IGNITE Adaptive Sports. A lot of happy memories were created this year with the amazing staff and volunteers…they are all kind, funny, and energetic. I felt safe and comfortable through all of my ski trips; whether it was  flying through trees and feeling the wind on my face, or watching other skiers on jumps down below as I rode the lift to the top of the hill. Special thanks to my new friends; Alex Dance, Ryan Kessinger, and Leo Bruell, as well as my old friends, Greg Shaner, Orri Jonsson, and Susan.


My awesome second  cousin, Phillip, joined me for my last ski!

Skiing Eldora 2016 Ryan, Nick, Leo

Leo and Ryan help get me ready for the slopes

Eldora Ryan, Nick, Leo 2016

Hanging out with my buds!


Becci, Kelly, and Jacque

Eldora 2016 Ryan &  Leo 2

Leo, Ryan and I head up to the slopes

Becci,Kelly, Jacque Eldora 2016-6

Connie, volunteer ski instructor, posing after a ski run!

Finn Murphy, Program Director for IGNITE,  bids me adieu after a great ski season!

Thank you, IGNITE Staff and Volunteers!

IGNITE volunteers 2016
Top Row L-R: Paul Polis, Timo Kaempfen, Mark Gershfeld,John Humbrecht, Dmitry Duplyakin, Mike Alhbrand, Sean Sunderman

Row 2: Dale Rose, Kyler Mudron, John Neuman, Michael Seagar, Eduardo Mejia, Nora Gerland

Row 3: Rylee Mielecki, Amanda Bammann, Michael Coleman, Kohler Von Eschen, Carsten Gilbert, Jack Byloo

Front Row: Tracey Lieberman, Leo Bruell, Stacey Lunn, Bruce Muller


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