Awesome in Action Holiday Fun!

WOW! It was another crazy fun year for Nick and the Awesome in Action team. The holidays are Nick’s favorite time of year because he gets to spend so much time with his family and friends.

Time With Friends

One of Nick’s most special holiday traditions is to spend time with his long time friend and care provider Audrey and her family. Every year Nick goes over to Audrey’s house and they make and decorate cookies.

Nick loves digging in the flour!
Cutting out the shapes is so fun!

Another special part of this tradition is playing piano with Audrey! Nick LOVES making her play Jingle Bells over and over and over!

This year Nick enjoyed time with Audrey’s animals, especially her cat Flash, who sat on Nick’s head!

Nice hat Nick!

Santa! I KNOW HIM!

It wouldn’t be a successful holiday season for Nick if he didn’t see Santa a minimum of 3 times! Nick loves telling Santa that he wants movies for Christmas! Nick got his wish this year and got an assortment of his favorite movies on DVD including South Pacific and The Slipper and the Rose!

Thanksgiving Was a Time to be Grateful!

Nick was very excited this year to pick out the Thanksgiving turkey and showed everyone in the store his great find!

A candid shot of Nick on Thanksgiving! Look at that face!

Nick had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with his family including his brother Jason and sister in law Amy and their 4 wonderful children who came back to Colorado from their new home in Idaho for the holiday week. Nick was so grateful to spend quality time with them and couldn’t have been happier to play games and enjoy the smells and festivities of a Thanksgiving meal.

This year Nick also got to spend Thanksgiving with his Mom, his Cousin Laurie, and his Cousin Kathy, Aunt Sally, Cousin Christopher, and Cousin Andrew. It was a special day for Nick surrounded by the people he loves the most.

Concerts and Cooking and Carriages! Oh My!

Nick loved spending a day at Hearts and Horses with friend and care provider Anne petting horses, seeing Santa, and doing some shopping! He loved watching the horse drawn carriage go by even if he was a little too nervous to get on it himself. Anne and Nick found some really fun and festive gifts including stones and crystals that Nick was very excited about.

Nick loved attending some musical celebrations this year including Thalia’s Holiday Concert at Barnes and Noble in Fort Collins. Nick is so proud of Thalia and is so excited for her to go to college next year. She is so awesome!

And, it wouldn’t be a holiday season without lots of cooking with friend and provider Liz! Nick and Liz made so much food this holiday season! Nick asked Liz to make cheesecakes about 10 times in 2 months but everyone loved them. Nick loves helping Liz cook and the smells in the house as everything bakes. Nick loves having his mom over for dinner and it’s one of his favorite everyday celebrations.

Overall, this time of year is a wonderful one for Nick and his team to remember the importance of joy and celebration and slowing down to enjoy the special parts of life with friends and family. Nick had a crazy and busy 2022 with lots of big changes and lots of big adaptations but he has done an amazing job through all of it. He thanks his Mom for always being there for him, Audrey for always being a great friend and provider, and his many friends and family for the joy and happiness they bring to his life every single day. Awesome in Action couldn’t do it without you!

In 2023 Nick is hoping to get his 2nd book published and get back into more classroom presentations and events, so be on the lookout for more information as we get busy with the holiday season wrapping up!

Thank you so much from Nick and the Awesome in Action Team!

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