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Collinwood Assisted Living and ILS Bazaar

Collinwood Assisted Living

Nick, Audrey and Abby were ready to go!

This month Nick is thankful for many things in his life, his family, friends, and the opportunity to get back into in-person events!

Nick was lucky enough to have the opportunity to present Anyone Can Be a Hero at Collinwood Assisted Living last week. This presentation was Nick’s first in person event since 2019 and he was so happy to be able to get back in the swing of things!

Anyone Can Be a Hero focuses on finding your inner superpowers to become a superhero in your community.

After sharing his own story and experience being a hero, Nick enjoyed hearing the residents share stories of being heroes in their own lives.

Nick wants to thank Collinwood Assisted Living for having him, and helping him get back into doing in person events, and the residents for their questions and stories.

Nick and Audrey asking for questions from the residents

Immanuel Lutheran School Christmas Bazaar

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas! Christmas is Nick’s favorite holiday, and he enjoys spending time with his family and getting them gifts every year.

What better place to find a perfect gift than the ILS Christmas Bazaar! This annual event showcases many different vendors with items like baked goods and crafts.

Nick making sure everything is in order

Nick was able to participate as a non-profit vendor, and he was happy to speak to attendees about Awesome in Action, offer his book for donations, hand out flyers and make some new friends!

Besides getting to tell people about his business and mission, Nick’s favorite part was getting his picture taken with Santa!

Ho ho ho!

Nick enjoyed doing some Christmas shopping, and really got in the holiday spirit!

Thank you ILS for the opportunity!

Santa’s Little Hacker Helpers

Nick and the AiA team have discovered a most awesome “accessibility” group here in Colorado.  In fact, so amazing is this group that they delivered Despicable Me Fart Blastersfartblaster to them for conversion therapy of a sort.  The group is called Santa’s Little Hackers and you all need to know what they do!  As you can see, the toy has a trigger.  People with Nick’s abilities cannot manipulate that trigger.

The mom and dad of one young man, Max, decided that Max should have a way to play with toys despite his motor-coordination challenge.  Mom asked dad to take a toy and wire a proper switch that Max could actually operate.  Without the switch, max apparently could not play with the toy as other children do.  This kind of play helps children develop eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, and cognitive understanding of the the idea that when you push a button, something happens.  Interestingly, this kind of play also helps those who use speech devices so they can operate the device and develop language as well.  Here’s the video story of Max and his family, and how they came to be the Santa’s Little Hackers nonprofit:  “Colorado-based Santa’s Little Hackers bringing smiles to the faces of kids with special needs

Mission undertaken by Nick and the AiA team – we located some Fart Blasters and met up with Renee and Pasqual for the handoff, members of  The “Santa’s Little Hackers” team preparing for the Saturday hack-a-thon to turn 1400 regular toys into adaptive toys.

We have not heard yet heard about the turn out at the Saturday event, but we do know that this non-profit is one of the sparks of inspiration that we consider Awesome in Action and we think they are a great option for December 6th Colorado Gives Day!!  colorado-gives-day-2016