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Fully Vaccinated!

You never know what you will find at the Arc!

Nick received his second dose of his COVID-19 vaccine in the middle of April, and after giving him a few weeks to make sure the vaccine was as effective as possible, Nick was finally able to get out in the community and do some of his favorite activities!

It had been over a year since Nick went into a store, and he was so excited to get out in the community and do some shopping.

Online shopping was a good substitute for Nick over this last year, but he really missed being able to pick out items in a store and get out of the house.

Picking music out is one of Nick’s favorite things about shopping!

Nick’s favorite thing about shopping is buying gifts for those he cares about.

His favorite place to shop is the Arc Thrift Store. You never know what you will find! Nick is careful to make sure he sanitizes his hands after looking around at the store.

Nick continues to wear a mask in public and socially distance, but he hopes that as more people are vaccinated restrictions will lesson and he will be able to get back into schools and community events to promote Awesome in Action and ability awareness.

Nick has signed up for the Immanuel Lutheran Christmas Bazaar in November, you can find him and his team at his booth at the event. Look for more information on this later in the year!

COVID-19 Activities for All Abilities

Stay safe and wear a mask!

It’s tough to be living during a pandemic. 2020 was a hard year for Awesome in Action to do outreach and community based activities. But there are lots of activities you can do while staying safe and socially distancing. COVID doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, it just looks a little different right now.

When you are a high risk individual you have to think about activities you can do that are fun but also safe. Thankfully there’s plenty to do to keep busy!

Taking a walk is a healthy way to have fun while staying socially distant. You can walk with friends or by yourself.

Watching a movie you love at home is a great way to enjoy time alone or socially distancing with friends.

Listening to music passes the time and can stimulate your brain and help you enjoy time inside.

Cooking and enjoying or sharing food you make can help you develop healthy habits and allow you to activate your senses. You can even deliver meals to friends or family and drop them at the door.

Arts and crafts let you express yourself creatively while staying safe inside.

Working on your business by publishing updates, keeping up with social media, and brainstorming ideas can be productive and lucrative.

Call your friends and family and check in on them, everyone is struggling right now so a call from you might make their day!

Remember, stay safe and wear your mask!

Look for more updates soon announcing Social Distance Storytimes with Nick and Awesome and Action, a way for Nick to get into classrooms virtually!

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