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Making Lions with Wolverine Cubs

Awesome in Action family and friends had a great time at the Bean Cycle in Fort Collins last Saturday!

We were very fortunate to be invited by  Wolverine  Farm Bookstore to host  Little Wolverine Story Hour!

 Before the event, Nick met two gentleman who brought over their sweet Border Collie to visit.


Nick meets a new friend!


Nick read his book, Helping in Action, while listeners enjoyed yummy snacks and drinks from the Bean Cycle.


 Mya and her mom, Michelle, enjoy muffins and drinks!

After the story, participants made a cool lion craft!



Anna and Linda make lion faces after the book reading!



Olivia thinking about color choices









Thalia telling us how it’s done!



Evan Brengle works hard on his lion



Mya concentrating hard!




After the craft, everyone showed off their Completed Masterpieces!!




Linda, my Speech Language Pathologist





Debbie is unsure about her lion!


Nick demonstrating how to hold a lion mask.



Nick also gave the “Wolverine Cubs” a chance to try out a speech device! It’s fun and challenging to try out a new form of communication!


Linda, SLP, was very helpful as she taught Mya how to use a speech device


Why is Nick’s nose in the lion’s eye? We’re not sure either!

Thank you again to Evan Brengle, Wolverine Farm Bookstore Manager, as well as all of the participants of Little Wolverine Story hour! We hope we can join you again soon!





Awesome Advocate at Wolverine Farm Publishing Co. & Bookstore!

We had a great time with Evan Brengle, manager at Wolverine Farms Bookstore Monday afternoon.

Evan, who has been working to help establish Wolverine Farm Publishing and Bookstore for over 5 years, was a happy, easy going gentleman. As the bookstore manager, Evan embodies everything scholarly; including his favorite pastime, which, of course, was reading!

As we were talking, Evan mentioned he saw Nick’s Spread the Word presentation several years ago at Rocky Mountain High School while working as  a Paraprofessional. This is job requires a man who is very kind with a very large heart. We witnessed this amazing amount of patience and understanding, as Evan interacted with the youngest, most wild and unfiltered “employee” of Awesome in Action, Ms. Olivia Rose.




Evan was very patient with our lovely assistant, Olivia, and her sneaky attempts at joining the photo op!



Evan invited us to meet at  Wolverine Farms Letter Press and Publick House to discuss the  carrying Nick’s children’s books, and gave Nick the opportunity to read Helping in Action during Little Wolverine Story Hour at the Wolverine Farms Bookstore.  Date TBA!









Evan was quick to offer many opportunities to connect with Awesome in Action, and to share all the great events hosted by the Publick house.  For instance, coming up this Friday, Sept. 30th from 8-10 pm,  will be a Talent Show.



We were delighted at the opportunity to connect with this nonprofit company which focuses on literacy and arts in Northern Colorado. It is always awesome when 2 like-minded businesses can pair up to become a stronger source of education and awareness for our community.



We think Evan is a stellar Human Being, and are so excited to see where this connection is Able to lead!





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