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Open Streets – June 16, 2019

Penelope and Parker try the wheelchair obstacle course.

Open Streets, organized through City of Fort Collins Bikes, was a fun filled community event in old town Fort Collins on June 16th with vendors from the community, food trucks, and live music. Nick was stationed at the Maple St. hub, prime real estate to make connections and build new friendships while educating the community on different abilities and challenges that come with them.

Parker leads Penelope through the course as she experiences blindness.

Community members had the option to participate in several different disability simulations including a wheelchair obstacle course, experiencing the course while blind, experiencing having limited mobility in their hands while buttoning up a shirt, experiencing sensory integration issues, and lip reading.

Kids who tried the wheelchair obstacle course found it much more difficult than they expected!

Most kids hit a cone or two but came away with a new appreciation for what it is like to move a different way and the challenges that come with it.

They did a great job!
Cullen and his mom loved seeing how Nick speaks.

Nick had his speech device available for community members to see and experience a different way of talking. Nick demonstrated his device for many interested kids and parents.

As the day went on, more and more people stopped at Nick’s booth to see what we were all about. With our cones, wheelchairs, and canes people quickly became interested in what we had to offer.

Cullen navigated the course like a pro! Awesome!

When they learned that we were offering simulations of different challenges experienced by those with different abilities, attendees were really excited to see that Nick was out in the community advocating for those who live a little differently.

Ronan wanted to try too!

Nick’s favorite part of the day was watching the kids navigate the cones!

Parents loved seeing their kids engaged in these simulations and often helped Nick teach the kids about why it is important to understand that different people have different challenges in life and we should be respectful of everyone we meet.

Saigen and his dad completed the course in no time! Teamwork!
Sienna and Noelle check out Nick’s book.

Nick had copies of his book, Helping in Action, for sale at the event and many kids enjoyed checking out a copy.

Nick handed out bookmarks to anyone who loved to read.

Nick and Daniel both love to help their communities!

Nick met many members of his community who share his passion for education, like music therapist Daniel Goldschmidt. Nick and Daniel have both done TEDx talks! Check out Daniel’s TEDx talk on YouTube.

Nick would like to thank the City of Fort Collins Bikes for this opportunity to educate and advocate.

Open Streets will come back to Fort Collins on September 29th, 2019, and Nick will be there to continue to show his community that even though we all have different challenges, we can still connect and care for one another. Come see him and support Awesome in Action and Nick’s message of inclusive diversity.

Awesome Advocate at Wolverine Farm Publishing Co. & Bookstore!

We had a great time with Evan Brengle, manager at Wolverine Farms Bookstore Monday afternoon.

Evan, who has been working to help establish Wolverine Farm Publishing and Bookstore for over 5 years, was a happy, easy going gentleman. As the bookstore manager, Evan embodies everything scholarly; including his favorite pastime, which, of course, was reading!

As we were talking, Evan mentioned he saw Nick’s Spread the Word presentation several years ago at Rocky Mountain High School while working as  a Paraprofessional. This is job requires a man who is very kind with a very large heart. We witnessed this amazing amount of patience and understanding, as Evan interacted with the youngest, most wild and unfiltered “employee” of Awesome in Action, Ms. Olivia Rose.




Evan was very patient with our lovely assistant, Olivia, and her sneaky attempts at joining the photo op!



Evan invited us to meet at  Wolverine Farms Letter Press and Publick House to discuss the  carrying Nick’s children’s books, and gave Nick the opportunity to read Helping in Action during Little Wolverine Story Hour at the Wolverine Farms Bookstore.  Date TBA!









Evan was quick to offer many opportunities to connect with Awesome in Action, and to share all the great events hosted by the Publick house.  For instance, coming up this Friday, Sept. 30th from 8-10 pm,  will be a Talent Show.



We were delighted at the opportunity to connect with this nonprofit company which focuses on literacy and arts in Northern Colorado. It is always awesome when 2 like-minded businesses can pair up to become a stronger source of education and awareness for our community.



We think Evan is a stellar Human Being, and are so excited to see where this connection is Able to lead!





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