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It’s Official: Darby Sample is our Illustrator!

Today was a joyous start to the new year, as author Nick Roussos met with his friend,  Darby Sample, in order to sign the contract retaining him as the official illustrator of Nick’s next book!


Check out the new hat from Darby- it’s a Diamond supply company hat. So cool!

Darby was chosen from a group of illustrator submissions last year. He patiently awaited the creation of a contract so that he could begin story boarding for the next book.



Shaking hands to seal the deal

Darby will be working on illustrations over the next few months while balancing his job as a student teacher at Laurel Elementary. We are so excited to be giving a sneak peak soon of Darby’s fun and playful images in the upcoming book: Nick’s Eggsciting Adventure: An Awesome story about Exploring in Action


Nick and his buddy, Darby


Here’s to a great new partnership!! We know it will be…you guessed it….. Awesome!

Why I Love Brothers

Today is Brothers and Sisters Day, a day dedicated to recognizing the love between siblings. Here are some reasons that I love my brother, Jason Roussos.

♥   Jason is always willing to help me out. Whether it is carrying me through the African bush, or transferring me onto the couch to relax together.

♥  Jason is funny! He always makes me laugh with voices and props!

♥  Jason is always up for an adventure. We love to go on roller coasters together!

I love you, Jason! thank you for being an awesome brother!

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