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Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

The most wonderful time of the year has begun! It’s Nick’s favorite season, and he loves it so much he usually starts listening to Christmas music as early as July. So, of course, as soon as the leftover turkey was in the fridge, Nick wanted to get started right away on spreading some holiday cheer.

Nick spent the past week getting into the spirit with a few of his favorite holiday activities, including putting up all of his favorite Christmas decorations.

Nick helping set up the tree!
Showing off his stocking and nativity scene!

Nick also enjoys cooking up some tasty holiday treats with his family and care providers. Last week Nick helped Liz make a super yummy pumpkin roll!

Nick helping spread the topping on the pumpkin roll
Time to roll it up!
Nick was very pleased with the finished product

Another essential part of the festive season: shopping! This time last year, Nick was still isolating due to COVID-19, so he had to do the majority of his Christmas shopping online. Thankfully this season he is able to get back out and catch all the great sales in person. Nick loves shopping for his family and friends at any time of year, and puts a lot of thought into getting the perfect gifts for everyone.

Nick caught a glimpse of his favorite actor while scoping out the post-Thanksgiving sales

Nick’s all time favorite part of this season is spending time with family. Nick was able to go to Winter Wonderlights at the Chapungu Sculpture Park in Loveland with his mom. He thought the lights were so pretty, and he always treasures the time he gets to spend with his mom. He has plans to go check out a few other light displays later this month, and is very excited!

Chapungu Sculpture Park at Centerra

Nick is excited to share more holiday activities with you throughout the month, as well as some ideas for things to do when the holidays get a little too stressful, so be sure to subscribe for blog updates!

Do you have any special holiday traditions? What do you enjoy most about the season? Let us know in the comments!

COVID Safe Activities Week One

Unfortunately, it looks like COVID-19 cases are ramping up this fall, and we can expect to be extra cautious again this year to protect ourselves and our families and friends. Nick wants to publish some ideas each week for fun, COVID safe activities. Staying busy while staying safe can be fun!

Nick loves being able to have some guy time, and with football finally back this year, what better excuse is there? Having a couple of vaccinated friends come over to cheer on your favorite team and eat some tasty food is a wonderful way to have some safe fun.

Nick’s favorite team is the Denver Broncos, but he enjoys the quality time spent with friends even more than the game. Recently Nick invited his friends Alex and Jonas over to have a game day BBQ. Everyone had so much fun and Nick was very happy to be able to spend the weekend with friends and catch up. Go Broncos!

Nick with his friends Alex and Jonas

Another good idea for some COVID safe fun is to get outside while the weather is still nice! Nick enjoys going to the Benson Sculpture Park in Loveland to look at the sculptures. The park is beautiful, and Nick especially loves all the animal sculptures. Walking outside is a great way to keep your distance from others while still enjoying some fresh air.

Nick is making his sign for “mom” because she has so many pesky bunnies in her yard!

Nick loves going bird watching with his job coach Audrey and her family. Bird watching with Audrey is a tradition Nick has enjoyed for years. Nick’s favorite part about bird watching is when furry friends come along for the fun, even if it gets a little crazy! Walking your dogs with family or friends is a great way to get some exercise and stay safe.

Walking the dogs

With mask mandates returning and colder weather heading this way, Nick plans to post weekly with new COVID safe activities for everyone to enjoy, so be sure to like Awesome in Action on Facebook and follow his blog for more ideas!

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