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The Importance of Outreach


Colin and Oscar Roze practice on my speech device

I am beaming happy, elated, and completely in awe of the opportunities that I have been given in the last year. Who else has been so lucky as to be invited to speak at  schools, social organizations, and programs throughout the Midwest to do what they enjoy most?

It does not matter to me whether I sell 1 book, or 100 books in a month; what really matters to my heart and soul is that I have done what I am truly passionate about; teach. I know that I have brought at least a bit knowledge to those who have heard me present. I know that I can continue to raise awareness about individuals with special needs wherever I go.


Friends at Red Tail Coffee book signing

It makes me feel so grateful that I have had a chance to speak at big venues such as TEDxFront Range and Lululemon; but also, that I have had so many individual interactions with children and adults alike within my community. I feel my confidence grow with each conversation I have that ends with a smiling person walking away from me.


My new friend, Kyle, at TEDxFront Range

I have the power to change the world; and  I am doing it, one presentation, one person at a time!

Nick Roussos Livin’ the Dream

Nick Roussos will be Honored at 2014 Livin’ the Dream
Sunday April 13 – 9am to noon
City Hall: 1144 Broadway, Denver CO

Nick has been chosen as a “Young Entrepreneur of Inspiration” to be highlighted at lululemon’s first annual #LIVINTHEDREAM.  Nick, a young author has just submitted his first book, “Helping in Action”, to be published.  His story is based on growing up in Africa and the baby lion, Sandy, that he helped raise. “Helping in Action” is written for children and adults of all abilities, and inspires those with disabilities to live life fully.  Come join the fun adventures of Sandy and Nick as they take you far, far away and help others along the way. Reserve your copy at:  — Sue Kittel

Imagepictured: Nick and the Livin’ the Dream Team
Join in this complimentary fitness event presented by lululemon athletica Cherry Creek Ambassador 2.0 team. Sweat with Jasmine Anderson and Scott St. John in a total body workout. Flow with Mike Konrad, Christen Bakken, Danielle Marie Barbeau Cook, and Tyrone Beverly.  Celebrate local entrepreneurs of inspiration who are #livinthedream, hear their stories, and support them in their efforts!


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