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The Importance of Outreach


Colin and Oscar Roze practice on my speech device

I am beaming happy, elated, and completely in awe of the opportunities that I have been given in the last year. Who else has been so lucky as to be invited to speak at  schools, social organizations, and programs throughout the Midwest to do what they enjoy most?

It does not matter to me whether I sell 1 book, or 100 books in a month; what really matters to my heart and soul is that I have done what I am truly passionate about; teach. I know that I have brought at least a bit knowledge to those who have heard me present. I know that I can continue to raise awareness about individuals with special needs wherever I go.


Friends at Red Tail Coffee book signing

It makes me feel so grateful that I have had a chance to speak at big venues such as TEDxFront Range and Lululemon; but also, that I have had so many individual interactions with children and adults alike within my community. I feel my confidence grow with each conversation I have that ends with a smiling person walking away from me.


My new friend, Kyle, at TEDxFront Range

I have the power to change the world; and  I am doing it, one presentation, one person at a time!

Seth Kelley- Awesome Advocate for more than just Nick





Seth Kelley is an awesome man with a very large heart. Not only has he jumped through many hoops just to host Nick’s book signing at his coffee shop, but he gives back to the community in every part of his existence.

Seth’s coffee shop, Red Tail Coffee, is a company that makes a difference to the Fort Collins community. Along with his wife, Kelly, Seth created Red Tail Coffee as a way to employee  homeless individuals from the local housing project, Red Tail Ponds. Seth believes employing people who are, or were homeless, will help community members “get to know a person as a person, not a label.”




In addition to the coffee business, Seth Kelley has created a website called Waiver Market to assist people with disabilities as they search for services that will fit their needs. This website is a free tool for individuals, care providers, and family members to search; as well as agencies to list on. It is a positive way in which providers, case managers, and the people they serve can connect. Specifically, Waivermarket provides visibility and the opportunity for you to share your story, your mission, and your expertise directly with people that need your service.  

There is no cost to list with  Waivermarket, and their audience is rapidly growing.


Waivermarket is very excited about bringing this free service to you, and they hope you will see their mission and purpose as an important part of providing person centered services.


Please take 5 minutes and explore  the Waivermarket website and sign up your agency into the database.

Waiver Market is just getting off of the ground, but with your promotion,  this website will continue to grow and thrive as an effective way to assist individuals with  special needs across the United States.




Seth Kelley, we are proud to recognize you as the next, Awesome Advocate!

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