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FALL ART & GIFT SALE – Loveland Community Marketplace

Less than 24 hours until you can shop Loveland local artisans!  Come say hello.  I’ll be a captive audience for awhile.

Come see all the local artisans this Saturday at the Loveland Library. What a wonderful way to buy local gifts from local entrepreneurs for the upcoming holiday season! 2015 FallArtGift Sale

Loveland Community Marketplace – I’m Excited!

ImageI’M EXCITED to be going to the Loveland Center for Business Development Community Marketplace, and sell my new book “Helping in Action”.  I hope we we have actual books with us, but if we don’t, we will show a sample and take pre-orders.  Family, friends, children and adults will want to buy my book.  “Helping in Action” will make a nice gift for Birthdays, Christmas, and Easter.  I hope you will invite your friends to come to the Marketplace.  Be sure and stop to say Hi to me!  – Nick Roussos, author and disability expert.

**This event is to showcase local artisans and vendors.  It is a great time to find unique gifts (like my book!).  There will be food trucks/carts in the parking lot during the event.

Loveland Center for Business Development
Community Marketplace (Map)
Saturday, April 26, 2014
10am – 2pm
Loveland Chamber of Commerce
5400 Stone Creek Circle, Loveland

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